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((I have a confession: It took five or six episodes, but I officially like Agents of SHIELD))

Everyday a Little Death || Writing Challange


I hate you. Above everything else I feel, think I feel that the most. It’s not for any fault of your own really. I know it, too. God damn do I know it. Seems like I’ll never stop knowing. But I need to hate you because missing you, baby, is a hell of a lot worse. Hate is easier. I’m more used to it. Just another thing to pile on top of the Alliance and Niska and reavers. Hoban Washburne, the man who did the one thing I never thought a man capable of. 

You broke my heart. And I hate you for that.

I also hate myself for allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to give it over to you in the first place. Happened little by little, those first several months. Piece by piece until before I knew it, you had the set, whole and forever. And you always will. Because as much as I hate you right now, I still love you more than anything in this ‘verse. We never said it enough, did we? I mean, we didn’t need to. We said it through those looks and laughs only you could get outta me. Still, now I think that’s one regret I got. Never saying it as much as I should’ve. I love you, Wash. I don’t love that rotting corpse buried on some no where moon. I don’t love the ghostly memory associated with every damn inch of this rutting ship. Those two things that make you up, I despise. But I love who you were and the way that you took a soldier still attached to a  battlefield and anger, and turned her into a person.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this. Maybe cause I got no one to talk to and you’re the only one I want to talk about it to. I got some sense of humor, huh? Hey honey, let’s talk about your death. If only you’d respond, but that doesn’t look to be happening. Not ever again. Just like you’ll never be waiting for me after a long job or in our bunk. My bunk. Gorramit, I hate you.

But you and me both know that ain’t true.

I love you Wash. And thank you for everything. Maybe one day we’ll meet again and if that happens, I give you permission to mock me about this letter. If only to hear that stupid way your voice gets got when you caught me out of my usually stoic disposition.

Yours for damn well ever,



FireflyFacts 53/98 | Cast and Characters

“Five of Firefly’s cast members have appeared as villains in other Joss Whedon projects. Nathan Fillion as Father Calen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gina Torres was Jasmine in the forth season of Angel, and Adam Baldwin appeared in the following season as Marcus Hamilton. Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk went of after Firefly to appear in Dollhouse, as Bennett Halverson and Alpha respectively.”

Happy Birthday, Zoe Washburne. Here’s to the strongest, mightiest warrior woman in the ‘verse. Keep flying true, Zoe. 

February 15th

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When I Look At You || W4 Sunday Night || Wash and Jasmine


Wash kept moving backwards. It felt like the walls of the bedroom were closing in around him. Everything was wrong. He’d seen enough crazy things in this place to believe. Believe that anything that could go wrong probably would. But this… this was unimaginable. His wife was just… gone. And someone else had stolen her. Her face, her eyes and - ai ya- her smile. Wash was barely hearing her words anymore. It was just a blur of platitudes and things he couldn’t comprehend. All he knew was he needed to get Zoe back. He didn’t know how the hell he was supposed to do it, but - hell! This place had gods! Witches! They had to be able to do something. They had to.

His back hit the cold wall and sent a different kind of chill up his spine. The panic knotted tighter. Now he was trapped. What would she even do to him? He didn’t know what this… thing was capable of. But suddenly a new anger flared in his chest. Sky. No. He took a step towards her. “You stay the hell away from my daughter! I don’t know who you are and want you want from me. But if you so much as look at her, I’m gonna make you regret it. And I don’t care who’s body you’re in!”

Anger, gorgeous and alive rippled through Hoban. Jasmine marveled at the change, fear and confusion into rage. Rage was new and better by far than any other emotion to fill Hoban’s blue eyes. Too bad it was all a show. The man, no matter how he cared for the child, would never hurt Jasmine. There was too much hope still ingrained in Hoban, too much love for a woman gone. Well, for all of intents and purposes, Zoe was very well along the path of nonexistence.

"Foolish man," Jasmine smiled kindly towards Hoban, speaking as though she had just complimented him. "You care. It is written gloriously across your face and in your eyes. You care for your child, you care for this body. I am offering you a chance to have both. I cannot restore Zoe. But I wish to do you no harm. Why do you assume otherwise?" Jasmine took a step towards the man, still keeping distance between them as it seemed to be Hoban’s preference. "I offer you the chance to provide safety and freedom to yourself and Sky. If you do not take that for what it’s worth, it is a mistake that I cannot overlook."


Cover art for Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6

I believe then that you are ready for things to begin to heat up. You are after all the one with both power keg and match.

Heat never bothered me. I am the destroyer of worlds, bringer of destruction and chaos. I am ready to watch the evils of this world burn.

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She would hate you for it.

Maybe she would, but her mind can be swayed. Humans are such malleable creatures.

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Will you take her away from her father to do that?

If I must.

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